Spring is time to plan for Property Maintenance

Spring has arrived … so it is probably a good time to think about some maintenance around your home.

The first task with property maintenance is just to take a slow walk around your house, inside and out.

Look for items:

Sheltered roof rusting due to not being washed down by either the rain or the homeowner

Which are not working … e.g. the handle to the draw.

Where there is a build up of moss or lichen?

For cracks or peeling in the paint work?

Are doors jamming with increased moisture?

Is there any corrosion?

                What needs painting?

From there create a list and plan it out, prioritise the tasks, (outside jobs will need to be completed when it is dry).


Here are some tasks which need to be completed on a regular basis.

  1. Clean the gutters out from the build up of leaves and litter (twice a year – more if you have large trees nearby).

This saves them overflowing and the water running back under the soffit and into the wall framing.



  1. Wash the exterior down (warm soapy water) especially under the eaves/soffits and the top quarter of the wall where the rain doesn’t reach.

Washing the exterior removes any contaminents which are corrosive (sea spray, car fumes, bird droppings, etc) to paint work, aluminium and roofing materials, this extends the life span of these materials.

Blocked gutters overflowing


  1. Remove moss and lichen from concrete paths, decks, patios.

This will prevent people slipping on the them.


  1. Check gully traps and storm-water drains are not blocked.

This will prevent any flooding.


  1. Check for cracks in your exterior cladding (especially if you have a plaster exterior), check along side the windows, even the finest cracks will allow moisture in! These need to sealed with the appropriate product, NOT any old Silicon sealant.

If you are not sure what you have on your exterior, take a couple of photos on your phone head on into a Resene or Dulux paint shop and ask what they think. Take photos of the corner of a window and of any cracks that you may have.

NOTE: If there are cracks in the sealant beside the window this is a job for specialist.


It is important to know where to draw the line between what you can do competently and what an experienced tradesman can. Some tasks actually require Registered/Licenced people to complete them, e.g. Gas mains, connections, etc.


Bigger jobs over the summer may include:

Cracking in solid plaster that requires immediate attention
  1. Painting the house
  2. Painting the roof
  3. Washing the roof down

As they are bigger jobs it is always easier to break them down into smaller bite size pieces e.g. This month I will prep and paint the north elevation of the house the following month the west elevation, then the west followed by the south elevation.

If you are not sure about what you should be doing or how to do a particular task, visit your local paint or hardware specialists (Resene, Dulux, Plumbers World, Placemakers, Mitre 10, Bunnings, etc) they all have experienced stuff whom you can ask questions off.

The other important area to consider is access to heights around your home, there are good reasons why the professionals used elevated platforms and scaffolding, not only does it make it safer but also quicker.


Maintaining your home will add to its value, reduce any chances of major repairs being needed. I see this when completing Pre-Purchase Inspections … well maintained homes ALWAYS get a better price.

BRANZ has a great book called Maintaining your Home, well worth purchasing a copy to help look after your largest investment.


We can help with an assessment of what maintenance is required on your property and help set a plan in place.

For further information call Brett on 0274 572 285 or email brett@westwindprojects.co.nz

In our next blog we look at the process of gaining a Certificate of Acceptance for Unauthorised Building Works.

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